XShield Deductible Protection

The vast majority of American drivers have to choose between a higher car insurance cost or higher deductibles. Lowering the deductible to something more affordable, requires a significant increase in premium payments. This is financially difficult on most working-class Americans and creates a dilemma when purchasing your auto insurance policy. Should you pay more upfront and save later, or the other way around? Many times neither answer is the right one, since statistically for the average American driver, having an auto insurance claim is just a matter of time.

XShield is on a mission to help auto insurance policyholders solve this dilemma, save money and have the true peace of mind they deserve. We offer plans that completely cover our users deductibles in case of an auto collision insurance claim, saving them hundreds of dollars, whether they had a claim or not.


By purchasing an XShield deductible protection plan, you will have the peace of mind knowing that in case of a claim XShield will cover 100% of your deductible. This allows you to switch confidently to a higher deductible insurance plan and lower your monthly premiums, saving you hundreds of dollars.

Get your deductible protection plan today and start saving!