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Save Money

Knowing your deductible is covered, allows you to lower your insurance premiums!

Be Truly Protected

In case of a claim XShield will cover 100% of your deductible. Hassle free.

About Us A Different kind of Protection

XShield is on a mission to help auto insurance policyholders save money and have the true peace of mind they deserve. We offer plans that completely cover our users deductibles in case of a claim, saving them hundreds of dollars.

By purchasing a plan, drivers will be able to lower their monthly premiums, for a higher deductible, knowing that in case of a claim, they are fully covered.

Save money

Lower your insurance premium payments by choosing a higher deductible

Be fully covered

Have peace of mind, knowing that in case of a claim, your deductible will be 100% covered.

Its Easy

It Protects you

It can save you money

How XShield works:

  1. Select a plan: based on your current deductible payment.
  2. Activate YOUR coverage: simply upload your current policy and a few photos of your car.
  3. Save money: Now that you know your deductible is fully covered go ahead and update your insurance plan and start saving!

Our hassle free claim process

1. File online
2. Processing
3. Approval

Simply submit proof of your insurance claim approval and we will reimburse your deductible payment. Hassle Free.

Ready to complete your coverage? Choose your XShield plan today and start saving!

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